New Parents Education Program


PAREF collaborated with Educhild in crafting the New Parents Education Program. Known as NPEP, this program is composed of four case studies and visioning excercise, methods of adult education taken from Harvard Business School and from the international corporate practice, which have proven so effective in training a new generation of parents.


The five sessions include:

(1) Deliberate Parenting

(2) Home-school collaboration

(3) Dignity of the child

(4) Spousal relationship

(5) Family Visioning.

“I have always wanted to be a good parent but the NPEP has shown me to be better.  I realized that loving one’s children is not enough; one has to learn how to equip them with virtues and grow in the faith.  While I basically use as basis for parenting  the way I was raised by my parents, I realized through the NPEP that there are actually best parenting practices  I can make use of to help me raise happier and virtuous kids, and love my husband better.” (Johnna Kuh Q. Cagigas, PAREF Southcrest parent)