Board of Trustees



Mr. Daniel M. Moran
Chairman of the Board


Dr. Jose S. Sandejas
Vice Chairman of the Board


Mrs. Maria Milagros D. Lorenzo
PAREF Woodrose School Board Chairman


Dr. Vaughn F. Montes,
PAREF Southridge School Board Chairman


Mrs. Alicia L. Cinco
PAREF Kindergarten Schools Board Chairman


Atty. Michelle T. Judan
PAREF Rosehill School Board Chairman


Mr. Roy Theodore G. Villafuerte
PAREF Northfield School Board Chairman


Dr. Vicente J. Verallo
PAREF Springdale School Board Chairman


Dr. Vicente J. Verallo
PAREF Southcrest School Board Chairman


Mr. Antonio S. Jon
PAREF Westbridge School Board Chairman


Ms. Jane A. Pulido


Mr. Roberto S. Roque


Atty. Michelle T. Judan

Corporate Treasurer


Mr. Noe K. Palaña

Corporate Secretary


PAREF Central Management Committee

Mr. Daniel M. Moran


Ms. Maria Leah F. Montes
Director, Academic Standards and Preschools


Dr. Raul A. Nidoy
Director, Personal Formation


Mr. Rogelio L. Kong
Director, Finance and Accounting


Mr. Renato L. Derpo
Director, Information Technology


Mr. Noe K. Palaña
Director, HR and Administration